Hey there, I am BB from BB’s Bloggerie – 

I’m BB, a teen from California. I have always been a creative person: writing poems, dreaming of novels and crafting scripts. As an avid musical theatre (and instrument) admirer from a young age, I grew to love performing on stage and cracking puns. Using my public speaking skills, I joined debate and mock trial in middle school and excelled.

Now, I participate in a variety of theatre programs, debate, and mock trial through my academic high school. Typically swamped with homework and studying, my load was significantly lightened when moving to online schooling due to Covid-19. Thus, this past year, I have had time to explore crafts from clay to crochet and baking. I also have been a sourdough starter mom for a few years now. I am also interested in exploring fashion. 

I wanted to start this blog to chart the fun crafts, recipes and lessons that I stumble across in my daily life. After a long school day, I have found that tactile projects are calming and enjoyable.

Stick around for creative projects, advice and funny fails.


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