Funky Franklin and How to Make Magic Circles

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I have always wanted to crochet. From my early years of potholder and hat looms, I used similar yarn wrapping motions but had never used an actual crochet hook. When I came across an adorable crochet duck instruction video, I knew it was a sign. 

As a moderately impatient person, whenever I start a new craft/hobby, I jump right in. I don’t have time to try the easy option. I mean, YOLO. So right after learning two basic crochet steps for ten minutes, I decided that I was ready to take on my first project.

Not only was I unable to make even stitches, I realized that I would have to make the infamous… magic circle. *Dun dun dun* For those less familiar with crocheting, the “magic circle” is the most common group of stitches that are used to start a round project (ie. hat, crochet rubber duck). In a panicked state, I quickly searched for any websites or videos with circle instructions but the videos were too fast and the articles too unclear. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the very friend who had encouraged me to buy a crochet hook a few months prior, claimed that she herself struggled with crocheting circles.

After scouring the internet and weaving knots, I finally formed a mediocre magic circle. Practice really does make perfect (or improvement). Every circle I make gets better and better. I am going to throw in some quick instructions so you don’t have to struggle in the beginning like I did!

Simplest Steps for a Magic Circle:  

1. Wrap the yarn around your left index and middle fingers (palm facing towards you) in an x formation. 
2. Flip your hand over, there should be two parallel lines of yarn.
3. Slide your hook face down under the first string and grab the second. Pull the string under the first and give it a twist.
4. Take your hook and loop it around the bottom of the second string. Pull the first loop under the second and voila, a circle!
5. Then, you just single stitch into the circle based on the size of the piece you are making.

Once you have your circle made, it is crochet duck time! I stumbled across this simple, adorable amigurumi (small Japanese knitted creature) pattern online and I couldn’t resist trying it. 

I used a 5 mm hook and medium/small yellow yarn. 

I got off to a decent start with my newly discovered magic circle. In the beginning, I got confused about which loops to crochet and quickly lost count of my stitches. Oops. I just put my mistakes on the bottom 😉 The pattern specifies the number of specific stitches per row (like single crochet or single crochet 2 together). I had to research how to do that last stitch- you half crochet two single stitches and then finish them together. In future posts, I will break down specific crochet stitches.

I stuffed my little duck’s body with cut up scrap fabric. I crocheted separate wings, feet and a beak. Since I used thicker yarn than instructed, for the beak and feet, I eyeballed/ made my own pattern. For the feet, I only crocheted one chain stitch and for the beak, I crocheted two or three chain stiches and single crocheted each one. Once I finished everything off, (I gracefully shoved the yarn tail through the last loop) I sewed all of the parts together using the yarn tails as my thread. 

My little duck is a bit derpy and lopsided but it makes him unique. 

Franklin (who coincidentally shares a name with my recent English teacher) is only the beginning of my crochet journey AND I HOPE YOURS TOO! If I can make a little amigurumi in a few hours, you totally can. I also hope that my instructions helped simplify the daunting magic circle for beginning crocheters. I can’t wait to continue our yarn journey together!


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